Dad’s Day, C4CR & X-Country

Dad’s Day

Dad’s Day was a smashing success. Mr. Chambers’ science experiment rocked and so did Mr. Walker’s RC Aircraft demo/display.

I even learned something, as I normally do at these events; that all of the greatest guitar players are from Texas! As a guitar player myself, I knew that Eric Johnson and Stevie Ray were from Texas, but who could ever have imagined that the likes of Clapton, Beck, Montgomery, Pass, Vai, Van Halen, Metheny, Satriani, Carlton, Poland, Becker, even Jimi Hendrix were from Texas…and those are only the jazz/rock/fusion guys! You learn something new everyday.

Cowboy’s For Cancer Research

What a great cause, and I’m fortunate enough to be involved in. The picture below shows, Dr. Cheryl Williams of the UNM Cancer Center, mayor of Las Cruces Bill Mattiace, and Memorial Medical Center CEO Paul Herzog.

Bill Mattiace
Here are the pictures from this year and other events from past years.

Cross Country

I was late and in a daze (from the cold). I really thought I heard 10 AM for the Onate Invitational, but the girls started at 9 AM. All I got was the senior boys. Sorry!

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