NMSU women’s basketball senior night

I showed up at the last Aggie women’s basketball game of the season game at the half and enjoyed myself shooting/watching the game. My goal was to get some shots of the post-game senior presentations.

While everyone was watching the cool presentation put together for the seniors, I tried to sneak some pictures of the Aggie bench enjoying the show.

Looking at the gallery below, you can see I was caught a few times by the players. I guess it’s hard to miss an ugly, old guy dragging himself onto the court with a huge SLR camera, but in my mind, I was a ninja!

As far as the  lighting situation, the house lights were completely off for the video presentation, so I shot wide open with a slow shutter speed. With such a narrow depth of field, I was lucky to get more that 2-3 players in focus.

For the presentation to the players, there were two spotlights on; one to my right in front of the subjects, and second one to my left, behind the subjects. The spotlight behind the subjects (in front of me) did create some difficult exposure settings, unnatural shadows and lens flares.

While a few other photogs declared the backlighting situation a complete disaster and stopped shooting, I used my hand to block the light and found an even better, although temporary solution. During part of the presentation, NMSU A.D. McKinley Boston was set quite far apart from the group, to my left, and right in the way of the light. I had to a little crawling to find his shadow, but once I did, I had an easy shot.

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