The Wildfire-Diamondback scrimmage wide open

I caught another Diamondback 18 Black/El Paso Wildfire scrimmage on Wednesday night–and another evening of great volleyball. The coaches on both sides of the net, the Diamondback’s Don Flora and Wildfire’s Al Rosen are amazing at what they do, and it’s entertaining to watch them run their squads through the drills.

Wildfire's Caroline Brown makes the big hit

Since I don’t use zoom lenses for indoor action, I decided to change things up focally for a set and go with a wider lens than I normally would. Above, the shot of Caroline Brown was taken with my 35mm f/1.4. Exposure time was 1/800 second at f/1.6, which is almost fast enough to freeze one of Caroline’s attacks. When you shoot players of this caliber, you need to be able to squeeze as much light in as quickly as possible!

New Mexico State's Erin Birmingham

Such a relatively wide angle counters the sport shooter adage to “shoot tight, crop tighter”, but if done in small doses, I think the extreme low angle gives the viewer a much different perspective and makes the subjects “larger than life”.

The shot to the left shows New Mexico State’s Erin Birmingham tipping the ball against Nevada. I like this shot because it shows more than just Erin tipping the ball; there are the Nevada defenders, NMSU setter Jenna DeVries looking to see if her set was true, and the rest of the NMSU team ready to defend against a potential Nevada block.


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