Jaron’s Senior Portraits

I had a great senior portrait session last week with Jaron and his parents, marking the official start of senior portrait season for me.

With football season already around the corner, there was a week downtime in his summer practice schedule and his family opted to get his formal yearbook portraits out of the way.

Obviously football is an important part of Jaron’s life, so we made sure he had a football for shots with his letter jacket and his state football champion ring from 2008.

My son Matthew tagged along to help me schlep my equipment around–I’ve noticed as he gets older, his rates get higher. I’m going to have to carry  less equipment around, because I won’t be able to afford him anymore!

Warning! photo geek content follows:

For the majority of the shots I depended on my set of trusty Canon 580 EX’s metered manually, triggered via Pocket Wizards. I used various light modifiers, but mostly a simple umbrella and a softbox.

Depending on the shot, I used a 24-70 mm, 70-200 mm and 300 mm. I was super-happy with the metered shots using the 300.

Overall, it was a fun, relaxing evening with the Cadenas. We lost about 30 minutes of great sunlight due to an approaching storm, but I managed to cram  them together for a last minute, impromptu (albeit poorly lighted) family portrait.

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