C4CR Banquet

Display honoring Alma Cohorn

Display honoring Alma Cohorn

The efforts of Cowboys for Cancer Research have been near and dear to my heart for some time. This is my fifth year volunteering with the group, and it’s been satisfying to see all the great work they do being recognized.

A little more subdued than in years past, the dinner/dance was still a blast, with the same characters making this a fantastic event. You can’t have the dance without the Delk Band; they’ve been a staple much longer than I’ve been involved and they never fail to entertain with their great music.

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  1. Joyce Cohorn June 16, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    Rich, I saw this today while looking at CFCR/Alma Cohorn info. Alma Cohorn is my mother. This display was made for the 25th anniversary of the CFCR/ Alma Cohorn roping and dance/dinner. My daughters and I made this memory board. As you can imagine, it was quite an emotional undertaking for us, as well as my Dad. Thank you for sharing it in your story. God Bless.

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