Genevieve and Danny

I had the pleasure of taking pictures for Danny and Genevieve’s engagement, and they were such a fun couple to shoot!

With the fall colors setting in, we shot well into the warm evening on a beautiful farm south of Las Cruces. As you can see, this fun-loving couple was willing try anything. I was afraid the roping idea wouldn’t fly, but Danny fetched his rope, and what resulted was a series of pictures that turned out to be some of my favorites. Not to worry, guys; he got to rope her too, but I think she put up a better fight!

The other highlight for me was the series of shots with their horses. I was a little worried how they’d react to my strobes and soft boxes, but they seemed more interested in making a quick snack of the grass–perhaps I shouldn’t be so presumptuous.

After spending time with Genevieve and Danny, it’s clear to see how their friendship makes this relationship special; they are completely genuine, so much fun and meant for each other.




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