Crossroads City Derby vs San Antonio

Venomous DeMilo watches the action from the penalty box

The Crossroad City Derby opened their 2012 season against the scrappy and much improved San Antonio Roller Derby Charmed Forces on February 4th, and in spite of showing up late, I walked away with some keepers.

Dickerson’s Barn, the venue where the bouts are held, recently removed the plastic sheeting that spanned the length of the ceiling, and I saw almost a full stop of improvement in the lighting compared to the last bout.  The other photographer, Ron Stickel, noted the lack of dust on his lenses; no more sheeting to collect the dust! It’s the little things make us photographers happy–now if they could do something about heating that place up (and cooling it off in the summer).

Derby-wise, the Sucias were pretty dominating, even if there were some odd things going on: Racky Balboa, the Sucia blocker extraordinaire/bruiser-specialist got to jam; and Hearno Evil racked up enough penalties to get ejected from the bout.

Much thanks to the CCD family for making me feel like one their own!

Charmed Forces' Hellary Shank breaks away from the pack

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