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NMSU – UTEP soccer

Injured midfielder Marisa Moya heads back on the field after halftime

Injured midfielder Marisa Moya heads back on the field after halftime.

The NMSU soccer season opened on August 19 against UTEP, and I had been looking forward to this game all week.

With much of the action going on at the other side of the field, I snuck off and got some shots of the NMSU volleyball team, who showed up to support the soccer team. They sat right behind a row of Miner fans, and held their own very nicely.

As soon as the half ended, a sprinkle turned into a major storm. I found my way underneath the bridge that leads to the locker rooms. As the teams made their way back to the field for the second half, I caught the shot (above) of Aggie midfielder Marisa Moya heading down behind the rest of the team. I felt pretty bad for her—as she reached her destination, the officials ordered the teams back to the locker rooms because of the lightning.

Unfortunately, the criteria set in the NCAA severe weather guidelines were not met and the game was eventually declared a “no contest”.


Kickin’ it with a tasty groove: NMSU soccer & Mayfield volleyball

It was an exciting weekend for Aggie and soccer fans alike as NMSU’s brand new soccer program played its inaugural game, an exhibition against New Mexico Highlands, this Saturday afternoon. Other than being a tad-bit really hot on the field, there was a great atmosphere with 1,400+ fans ready to see some NCAA soccer.

Jocelyn Medina

Jocelyn Medina


NMSU mid fielder Vanessa Novella kicked a cross shot from just outside of the goalie box. Several players went up for the ball, including Highlands Ashley Kramer (3). Judging from her late reaction, it looked as if Stephanie Devisser (7) thought Ashley was going to be able to head the ball. Instead, it caught Stephanie’s leg at an awkward angle and slowly rolled into Highland’s goal (click for a larger version).

Self Score

Self Score

The collage above shows my perspective of the action. There were some other photogs that had a much better angle for the actual play, but I was lucky to be in the right spot for her reaction. After she stood up, she walked away from the goal and teammates. The picture below is the one liked best:

Stephanie Devisser walks away from the goal after scoring an own goal.

Stephanie Devisser walks away from the goal after scoring an own goal.

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Mayfield Volleyball

I was asked to shoot the Mayfield volleyball team portraits and individual shots for the varsity, junior varsity and freshmen teams.

Mayfield seniors; Amanda Medina Kristen Romney, Bre Diaz, Jessica Groen, Katie Diaz

Mayfield seniors: Amanda Medina, Kristen Romney, Bre Diaz, Jessica Groen, Katie Diaz

Getting all the equipment together was a little overwhelming before the shoot (it always is), but working with the girls more than made up for the stress.

The seniors and varsity players were all great sports about doing some extra posing for me and going along with some ideas I had. I think the “alternate” senior group portrait was a hit! There will be a little Photoshop involved, but it will be completely worth it.

Thanks to all the girls on all the teams–I had a great time and I’m honored to shoot for you guys!