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High flying Trojans down Rio Rancho

The Lady Trojans opened the first day of the Holiday Hoop-La with a convincing win over Rio Rancho, 56-37.

Mayfield post, Tiffani Lara, had a break-out game, scoring 20 points against a tenacious defense. The win advanced the Lady Trojans to day-two battle with district rival, Oñate.

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I was going to use that camera…

First off, congratulations to the Blazers for, as the Sun-News so aptly put “destroying” Loving.

To satisfy everyone’s curiosity (I’ll hear it from Becky), this is how I stopped the game twice, Shari once and a MVCS fan once.

Bad RefSo this gentleman stops the game and asks me, “Would it be a disposition for me to ask you to move your bag to the sideline?”  

“Not a problem,” I say.

As I get start to get up, he grabs and says, “Here, I’ll do it for you.” He then moves it onto the first seat of the bleachers.

Play begins again, and Scott gets fouled. While setting the foul-shot up, they stop play and have a little talk, while pointing at me. So this guys runs up to me:

NMACT Referee

“Are you going to use that camera?” he asks as he points at the camera with the big white lens in my lap. 

I’m pretty dumbfounded by this question (apparently I looked it, too). I had instantly formed several facetious and witty comebacks in my head (“Yes, I’m using it for protection if a player gets too close.”), but it took every ounce of my will not to be a smart aleck. I just asked him if I could move over, and luckily he agreed.

Surely these refs have the safety of the boys in mind, and I should respect that—that is my mantra.

So play begins again…then Shari Vialpando from the Sun-News happily shows up, and plops down next to me. Before I could warn her, the game stops, the genius ref comes over and tells her to move the bag. She asked if she could move it behind her, but he insisted that it should be on the side line.

I asked her if, in her many years of photojournalism, a ref had ever told to move her or her stuff. She told me “never”.

The game begins for the fourth time. Yippee. Fortunately, ref number one spotted a little girl sitting cross-legged on the floor, leaning on the bleacher. During a time-out he went over to Dr. Poe and Mr. Frisinger and ask that she sit in the bleacher. I’m sure many others saw this happen as well.

I can’t argue with their request to move me, but at some point these guys have to use the brains God gave ’em. Since Shari could not have her bag next to her, she had to take all her gear out. I did too. If a kid is going to collide with us, what will do more damage? Lenses and camera bodies laying around on the floor, or everything in a cushioned bag?