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Strobing basketball: Cruces hosts Alamo


Gilbert Sigala brings the ball down the court


A Profoto strobe with the “Magnum” reflector for max light output.

The Las Cruces-Alamogordo match-up is only the second boys basketball game I’ve had time to shoot during the 2012-2013 season. I’ve been setting up my studio strobes to shoot at the Las Cruces High School gym, and am very pleased with the results.

The gym’s layout lends itself perfectly to the setup; with a strobe on either side of the basket and a third about halfway down the court (all on the upper deck), I’m pushing close to 2,000 Ws (watt seconds) of light into the gym–the equivalent of about 20 speed lights. Since they’re so bright, I have to bounce the light off the gym ceiling, which gives a better quality of light than pointing them directly onto the court.

The only downside? Outlets are far, and few between, so I have to run heavy duty extension cables to my power-hungry strobes. I’m also a little worried I might bring down the electric circuit in the gym (if you’ve been in there lately, you’d understand!)

Much thanks to the administration and coaches, especially Bobby Campos, at Las Cruces High, who have been very receptive to the use of the strobes.