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Las Cruces High Basketball

As many  sports fans in Las Cruces know, both girls and boys Bulldawg basketball teams are having a good year. The boys are ranked #1 in the state and the girls are consistently in the top 10, in spite of key injuries.

I had a chance to shoot both teams last fall and recently got to see the results from the session in the marketing material created for the teams by the Tú Media Group.

I shot everything high key (low contrast, on a white background) for a number of reasons: I like the clean style, and the respective booster clubs/coaches like to market their teams in different ways. Shooting high key easier to mask out the players from the background.

The boys team used the shot of the starting five for posters and used different masked photos for elements in their program.

For the girls team, the designer created a collage from separate player’s photos for posters, programs and other marketing materials. Below are some shots of the players (top) and the final program (bottom).

One of my favorite shots from either session was the photo of the “Superfan”. The initial pose and calm demeanor from the die-hard Bulldawg supporter didn’t match his over-the-top outfit and makeup, so I started yelling at him to yell at me, and before I knew it we had a friendly shouting match!