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2013 Cruces Mayfield Game



Mayfield’s junior quarterback Kavika Johnson turned out to be too much for the Bulldawgs, handing Las Cruces their first defeat of 2013. This was the first and only football game of the season for me, and the only thing more exciting than the football is the action up and down the sidelines. It’s an electric atmosphere where I got to visit the Mayfield and Cruces poms, my Mayfield trainer buddies, Alisha and Randell, and the Showcase drumline.


Chloe’s Senior Pics

Chloe is graduating from Las Cruces High this spring, and this young lady has got the brains to match her beauty. Having her choice of top-rated universities to attend, she has selected Rutgers to pursue a degree in engineering.

Chloe and her mom scheduled a few sittings, one last fall for the yearbook photo (a location shot), and one as soon as she got her cap and gown (a studio shoot). They also wanted to mix up the studio shots with a couple of outfit changes.

I’ve also photographed her for team pictures with the Las Cruces High Pom Squad and during performances at various sporting events, so I thought it would be nice to include some of those pictures as well.

Congrats and good luck, Chloe!