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District Champs!

What are those guys thinking?
Congrats to the Lady Blazers with another hard fought victory over Tularosa, and their second District 5-2A championship is as many years.

I got the shots from the MVCS/Tularosa game up last night, in record time. Check them out here.

I thought the Glenn sisters had a wicked awesome game, and even though they defended Jenae pretty well the first couple of matches, they couldn’t hold her back. It’s really good to see Cass back, and Jennifer is looking stronger and more confident every game.
Hannah Syling
I’d like to know what class/grade their outside hitter, Hannah Syling, is truly in. The NMACT website has her listed as a freshman, but she was listed as a freshman last year. Regardless, she’s a great player and I look forward to seeing her again.