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Elo’s Photo Shoot

Here are a few shots from my portrait session with Eloise (Elo).

Elo is participating in the 2011 Miss Las Cruces Pageant, and needed some simple head shots for the event. She might look familiar to some of you Aggie fans; Elo was a Sundancer for a number of years, dancing until the 2009 season.

Because it was a head shot session, I kept the setup pretty simple, but I still needed some help from her friend Olivia to get that “wind blown” look on Elo’s gorgeous hair. For that I had Olivia sit on the floor with a blow dryer trying to keep the flow of air focused on her hair (her aim was off and Elo got a blast of air in her eyes a couple of times!) Olivia was also very helpful with her advice and critique of the shots afterwards.

Overall, a very fun session that produced alot of great shots. Good luck, Elo!





Chloe’s Senior Pics

Chloe is graduating from Las Cruces High this spring, and this young lady has got the brains to match her beauty. Having her choice of top-rated universities to attend, she has selected Rutgers to pursue a degree in engineering.

Chloe and her mom scheduled a few sittings, one last fall for the yearbook photo (a location shot), and one as soon as she got her cap and gown (a studio shoot). They also wanted to mix up the studio shots with a couple of outfit changes.

I’ve also photographed her for team pictures with the Las Cruces High Pom Squad and during performances at various sporting events, so I thought it would be nice to include some of those pictures as well.

Congrats and good luck, Chloe!