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Photo shoot with Crossroads City Derby

Making a meal of the Rink Rash Revolutionaries!

When I was asked to do a studio-type photo shoot for the Crossroads City Derby, I thought “That’s sounds ridiculously fun!”

I would get a chance to capture the larger-than-life personalities of the skaters (c’mon–they have their own cheering sections at bouts; little girls dress up like them), as well as the refs, volunteers, coaches and members of the board. It was a great chance to meet all the people outside what is typically a chaotic bout setting.

I loaded up the gear, headed to Dickerson’s Barn and experienced one of the hottest photo shoots I’ve been to–it also turned out to be the funnest I’ve had.

As you can see, this gregarious bunch of gals were willing to ham it up for the camera and their willingness to be creative made it easy to forget the heat. There were so many great subjects; Racky Balboa, Jenny Jolts, Barbie Bombshell, Biffy Saint Marie–there are too many to name.

It was also pretty cool to see the skaters without all the gear and the game faces on. I didn’t even recognize Hearno Evil (also a great model). I had to do a double take when I saw her (see her in action here).

Much thanks to the mighty Erika S. Trauma for the big assist and all the girls that helped me load up!

Thanks guys, I look forward to the next one!


Crossroads City Derby

General Grant Slam, with the yellow pivot stripe on her helmet, skillfully blocks the Reguladies jammer

When I got the invite to shoot the Crossroads City Derby bout on May 22nd, I couldn’t turn it down; there’s been alot of buzz about the local derby scene from my friends and colleagues (one of my coworkers, Robbie, is one of the emcees), so I’d have to be crazy to pass up the chance.

The night’s bout pitted the Reguladies against the Spitfire Sallies, two of the Crossroads City’s home teams. While the Spitfire Sallies won and kept alive their undefeated streak, the Reguladies gave them all they could handle.

I’m pretty comfortable in low light settings, but this was probably the most challenging sports-shooter situation I’ve been in. The majority of my exposures were made between f/1.8 – f/2.0 at 1/200 second (ISO 3200) and I was still under by about 1/3 of stop; barely enough to freeze some of the action.

Now that I’ve got the one bout under my belt, I think the next one will be better (from a shooting perspective). The next bout is scheduled for Sunday, June 12th, and I’m already looking forward to it!

Visit the Crossroads City Derby website to learn more

Much thanks to Naomi for the explanations/encouragement, Robbie for the referral and the rest of the great people I met!

View the Reguladies vs Spitfire Sallies bout photo gallery