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Kai’s Senior Pics

Las Cruces High School Senior Kai Williams

Kai’s Senior Portrait

Early summer is typically a slow time for the senior portrait part of my photography business, so it gives me a chance to reflect on the previous year’s seniors and wind up for the incoming seniors.

I had the chance to photograph a great bunch of kids from the Class of ’13 from the Las Cruces and El Paso area high schools, and Kai was one of the many memorable sessions.

Kai’s passion is basketball, and he happens to be good enough to earn the MVP honors in the 2013 New Mexico State Basketball Tournament, where he helped lead the Las Cruces Bulldawgs to their first state title since 1976. There weren’t many times I caught Kai without a basketball and/or his infectious smile on his face, and as you can see below, he’s not afraid to ham it up for the camera.

He’s currently looking at playing at the next level for a JUCO in the Phoenix area, or possibly an smaller college in New Mexico. Either way, he’s got the right attitude to be successful wherever he chooses to play, and more importantly,  whatever he chooses to do beyond basketball!


Kai in his state championship t-shirt

Kai breaks out his state championship shirt.

2013 Bulldawg seniors celebrate the District 3-5A tournament win

2013 Bulldawg seniors celebrate the District 3-5A tournament win

Kai goes for for a layup against Gadsden

Kai goes for for a layup against Gadsden

Kai, as a junior, goes up for a lay-up

Kai, as a junior, goes up for a layup

Kai as a sophomore

Kai, as a sophomore, in the first round of the 2011 state tournament.


My favorite portraits of 2012

2012 saw a shift for me, from sports photographer to doing more traditional and commercial photography.

Here are my favorite portraits from 2012, in no particular order:

Francesca – White Sands National Monument

Frankie at White Sands

This was my first venture to White Sands in awhile, but I walked away with some of my favorite photos of the year on Francesa’s (Frankie) shoot.

Frankie participates with the LCHS Modernaires (a show choir) and has a beautiful voice. With some cajoling from her mom and friend, we got her relaxed enough to sing, and that relaxation translates to some great pictures!

Garcia Family  – Garfield, NM

Garcia Family

My family and the Garcia family made the trip north to shoot some family portraits and Justin’s senior photos at an old Garcia family farm in the Garfield area. With the exception of the mosquitos, the farm is a photographer’s dream, and I could have spent the whole day shooting.

I’ve known the Garcias for quite a long time and have been lucky enough to shoot for the family over the past 3-4 years. Those who know them know they’re a great family, and absolutely fun to be around.

Rebekah – Dripping Springs


I shot Rebekah a total of three times (if she looks familiar, I blogged about Rebekah’s first two shoots), and they all yielded some amazing shots. For the Dripping Springs shoot, her mom, sister Stephanie and I hiked up behind La Cueva (the big rock formation behind her) with the idea of getting desert-type shots. Just as we were getting set up, a major lightning storm rolled in and I started freaking out. I snuck a few shots in, and we headed back to the cars as quickly as possible.

Luckily I had packed my Profoto studio lights along with a portable power pack in the car, and as the storm subsided, I set up and got some dramatic shots with the sunset hitting the mountains and remnants of the storm behind Rebekah.

Sandra – Party Invitation


That beautiful little creature in the middle of all those shoes is my wife, Sandra. I was commissioned by her for a special party invitation, with the requirement of including her favorite shoes in the photograph (sock monkey slippers included). I can safely say this is only a small chunk of her shoe collection.

Puncher Villa – Crossroads City Derby

Puncher Villa

I love this group of ladies!

I walked away with so many great photos from this particular shoot, and it was all because of their outgoing personalities and willingness to get a little crazy in front of the camera. I had a hard time choosing my favorite–I love this shot of RxBex, and Puncher’s other photo was also a favorite.

I was unable to get out to their last two bouts of the 2012 season, but I’m hoping to get out to see them in 2013!

Kamyrn – Downtown Las Cruces


Kamryn is a local athlete that’s made a name for himself on the gridiron and basketball court. He has a great vibe, and so much energy and ideas that it was hard for me to keep up.

This is one of the shots Kamryn had envisioned, and with help of his mom, holding up the diffuser, and his little sister manning the reflector, I think we collectively made a great picture of Kam.

Belinda – Rio Grande Theatre


I’ve had a great series of photo shoots with this young lady, and this was one of the many highlights. I had already packed my stuff up, and was chatting with the family when the lights came on—we agreed we had to give it another shot, and I’m glad I did.

The classic car behind her is her dad’s ’48 Chevrolet Fleetline, which he completely restored. I tried to trade him my ’97 Toyota Tacoma for the car, but he wasn’t having it—I’m thinking of throwing in my complete collection of ’80’s hair-metal cassette tapes to sweeten the deal.


VanessaI’ve gotten to know Vanessa through the roller derby events, and she was kind enough to lend me some of her time, modeling experience and beauty for a great session.

Justin – Senior Portraits

Justin Garcia

This was part two of the journey to the Garcia farm, and Justin made the shoot incredibly fun. His horse, Levi, was well-behaved, but much like the last shoot I had involving horses, his attention and his head quickly turned to everything else but me.

Audrey – Handball Courts


I was trying not to duplicate concepts and locations in this post, but I really liked how this turned out, especially from a technical perspective.

I have a healthy new respect for commercial photographers that shoot cars; it’s tricky and takes a lot of patience to evenly light a vehicle, and with the time I had, I’m happy the only strobe that’s visible is the one lighting Audrey. In hindsight, I might have tried to light up the hood opposite of Audrey, but I would have lost the reflections of the graffiti on the hood (which I liked).