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Sundancers @ NMSU-UNM game

With the NMSU football team struggling as of late, the one thing you can count on is a great performance from the Sundancers. Here they are at the UNM/NMSU game, and while the Aggies squeezed by with a win, the highlight for me was the halftime show (and the C4CR presentation).

I’m not sure if the baton twirler counts as a Sundancer, so I decided to through in a shot for good measure!


2010 Sundancer Tryouts

The old-school scoreboard in the gym

If you ever want to experience what architecture, amenities and life in general was like in the mid-20th century, visit Rentfrow Gym on the NMSU campus. That’s where the 2010 Sundancers tryouts were being held, and unlike last year, I showed up on time!

I arrived as the last round of the tryouts had begun. Split into seven groups of three, the girls had to perform an abbreviated routine for the judges. The song selected for the dance was “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha. I’m safe in saying that, along with everyone else in attendance, I hope I never hear that song again.

During the downtime between the groups when the judges were doing their thing and “Tik Tok” was playing for the girls to practice, I shot a few of the relics from the past. I’m pretty sure that much like the air-conditioning system, the scoreboard is from the late 1940’s; and neither of them work.

The painting of the Roadrunner with the volleyball is a reminder of the days when the NMSU women’s teams would go by the Roadrunners. I’m not quite sure about when NMSU made the transition to the Aggies for all the teams, but it had to be in the early to mid-90’s. I like that NMSU has left this stuff alone–it’s still pretty cool.

Photographically speaking, the gym is relatively dark. The windows that run the length of the gym, towards the top, have been replaced with green, fiberglass roofing material. That meant there was a green glow, especially in the mid-tones and shadows. The glow dissipated toward the middle of the gym, but it also got darker. Trying to freeze the girls in mid-routine is like shooting sports; high ISO and fast fixed-length lenses. For some of the candids with the girls practicing slowly, I got away with using my 300mm.

Overall, it was a very fun experience. The girls were really put through their paces–it makes one realize how much work is put into this and appreciate when they make it look so easy.