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NMSU Spring Tournament

University of Arizona's Marketa Hanzlova

The New Mexico State University volleyball program hosted its 2011 Spring Volleyball Tournament on Saturday, April 9th with some high-caliber teams attending. Participants included University of Arizona, University of New Mexico, Western New Mexico, UTEP, Texas Tech and NMSU.

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The recent shuffling of positions no doubt had an influence on this year’s tournament; Don Flora, the head coach of Texas Tech was the NMSU assistant last season, and new assistant Keith Rubio is the brother of Arizona head coach David Rubio. I hope the high quality of the teams attending is something we see for many years to come.

Although I didn’t catch all the action from the teams, UTEP was surprisingly scrappy, splitting a match with UNM. It was kind of weird not to see Meeter/Michaelson/Hadfield on the UNM side of the court–I think the UNM fans will have a hard time adjusting.

The match of the day for me was the Arizona vs NMSU contest. The match was split between the two teams, and NMSU looked strongest during the first set. The Ags almost beat Arizona in the second set as well, but the Wildcats were able to pull it off.


NMSU – UTEP soccer

Injured midfielder Marisa Moya heads back on the field after halftime

Injured midfielder Marisa Moya heads back on the field after halftime.

The NMSU soccer season opened on August 19 against UTEP, and I had been looking forward to this game all week.

With much of the action going on at the other side of the field, I snuck off and got some shots of the NMSU volleyball team, who showed up to support the soccer team. They sat right behind a row of Miner fans, and held their own very nicely.

As soon as the half ended, a sprinkle turned into a major storm. I found my way underneath the bridge that leads to the locker rooms. As the teams made their way back to the field for the second half, I caught the shot (above) of Aggie midfielder Marisa Moya heading down behind the rest of the team. I felt pretty bad for her—as she reached her destination, the officials ordered the teams back to the locker rooms because of the lightning.

Unfortunately, the criteria set in the NCAA severe weather guidelines were not met and the game was eventually declared a “no contest”.