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2011 NM State Volleyball

Another new season and  a whole lot of new faces for NMSU volleyball.

Gone are assistant coach Don Flora, Woods, Giddens, Gutierrez and Miks, among others, but it’s exciting to see who’s back and the future of NMSU volleyball. Stephanie Ziegler is back from an ankle injury and setter Brynja Rodgers can officially play after her journey. Both are amazing and it will be great to see them on the court again.

This year’s recruiting class has a lot of buzz surrounding it and I can see why; Meredith Hays and Bradley Nash are showing some great promise already. While Nash and Hays seemed to get the most play time of the freshmen for the Alumni match, the other two hitters, Jocelyn Leichner and Kiley Mansfield looked mighty good as well–the front row looks like it has a very bright future.

With DeVries and Rodgers moving on after this season, I know Jordan has been thinking about the 2012 season for some time. I’m looking forward to watching freshman Maggi Jo Keffury and Madison Hardy get some touches.

Here are some shots from the team photo session, the practice that followed and the Alumni game.


2010 NCAA Volleyball

Lobo Lisa Meeter digs the ball against Tulane

Now that things have slowed down for me a little, I’m getting to projects I didn’t have time for earlier–NCAA volleyball was one of those projects.

The 2010 NCAA volleyball season was a banner season for me; I got to witness squads from WAC, Mountain West, West Coast, Big 12, Conference-USA and PAC-10 conferences. Highlights were seeing players like UNM’s Lisa Meeter, NMSU’s Jennah DeVries, Arizona’s Tiffany Owens, Hawaii’s Britanny Hewitt, and Stanford’s AVCA All-American Alix Klineman.

The best part? With my priority set on high school volleyball, there was only one conflict the entire season! (How could I refuse shooting Stanford, the #3 team in the nation, at the time?)

I’m not sure what the 2011 season has to offer, but I’m crossing my fingers I’ll photograph even more quality players and teams.

The teams featured are: Arizona, Boise State, Fresno State, Hawai’i, Idaho, Louisiana Tech, Nevada, Pepperdine, San Jose State, Stanford, University of New Mexico and Utah State.

Check out the 2010 NCAA Photo Gallery